Is Everyone a Toxic Person?

The answer to the question” Is Everyone A Toxic Person?” is a resounding “YES”. We are all toxic to someone. Even if you think you are a really good person who is liked and even loved by all, think again. You may have a trait that you believe to be an asset. But others may find that same asset annoying or even upsetting.

For instance, even though you may think that your energetic and bubbly personality is one of your greatest traits, there are some who may find being around you exhausting. While you are upbeat and bouncy it may magnify how down and depressed they are feeling when they are in your presence. They may feel that you are just “too much” for them.

There are those who can’t stand to be around a “Self Righteous Priss” while others may appreciate them and their values. Others may run away as fast as they can from a “Me Myself and I  Braggert” while others may find them entertaining as they welcome hearing about their escapades. In fact, many have said that talking to such a person never bores them. In fact, they may feel as though they have gone to a movie or theatre performance after being around such a person.  

Then there are those who love the silent quiet types of people. They may find them calming and serene. On the other hand, there are those who can’t stand them. They find the person of few words too boring to be around. Others feel as though they can never trust such a person. They may perceive them as being sneaky or untrustworthy.

So while you may not be toxic to one person, you may indeed be toxic to another. The old adage that you can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like you holds true when it comes to Toxic People. What is Non-Toxic to one person is highly Toxic to another. 


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