10 Emotional Symptoms of Being Around Toxic People

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether you have been around Toxic People. If you answer yes to any of them you can rest assured that you have been exposed to them.

  1. Do you feel devalued after being around them?
  2. Do you feel sad or depressed in their presence or after you have been with them?
  3. Do you lack energy after being around them?
  4. Do you find emotional relief when you are away from the person?
  5. Would you rejoice if you never had to see the person again?
  6. Do you feel constantly judged by the person?
  7. Do you feel you are always walking on eggshells when you are around them?
  8. Do you experience tension in your face and body when you are around them?
  9. Does the person depersonalize you or negate your importance?
  10. Do you plan ways to try and avoid the person?

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