Physical Symptoms of Being Around Toxic People

If you have answered yes to any of these ten questions, chances are you have been around Toxic People,

1. Does the person give you a headache when you are in their presence or after you have been in their presence?

2. Do you scrunch up your face, knit your brow, tense up your nostrils like you have smelled a bad smell when you are around them or after you have been around the person?

3. Is there tension in your back and neck while around them or after being around them?

4. Would you feel relieved if you never had to see them again?

5. Do you feel a lack of energy or are physically weak around them?

6. Do you recoil when the person touches you?

7. Do you feel physically nauseated when you are around the person?

8. Do you notice. a change in your breathing and does your heart beat faster as though you are having a panic attack?

9. Have you gained or lost a considerable amount of weight while being around this person for quite a while?

10. Is there tightness in your throat, the feeling that you have to clear your throat, or do you have a little cough whenever you are around them?

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