10 Communication “Tells” of Being Around Toxic People

Here are some questions about the way another person communicates with you that can lt you know if they are toxic to you. If you answer yes to these questions rest assured you have determined whether a person is toxic to you by what they have said and how they have said things to you.

  1. Does the sound of their voice repel you or make you cringe?

2. Do you choose your words carefully when talking to this person as to not aggravate them?

3. Does the person sound condescending towards you?

4. Does the sound or tone of the person’s voice sound aggressive to you?

5. Do you find yourself stammering or stuttering or feeling unsure of what to say when you are around the person?

6. Do you clam up whenever you are around the person?

7. Do you feel that the person verbally abuses you?

8. Do feel relieved when you haven’t spoken to the person in a while?

9. Does your facial expression get tense whenever you have to speak to the person?

10. Does the person negate, contradict, or minimize almost everything you say?

1 thought on “10 Communication “Tells” of Being Around Toxic People

  1. Yes and yes 😞


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