Britney Spears shares about her TOXIC FAMILY

I just listened to a Youtube Video of Britney Spears where she spoke her truth about what happened to her during the conservatorship and how her parents essentially used and mentally and emotionally abuse her.

Sounding very credible, she spoke from the heart and her voice sounded strong and confident and very credible. Now that I look back at what happened to her over the years, after hearing her side of the story, everything seems to make complete sense. 

We all remember the news footage of Britney hitting someone’s car with an umbrella. We all saw how she shaved her head. We didn’t understand it at the time. We wondered if she was on drugs or if she had some type of psychotic breakdown. Perhaps she needed psychiatric help at the time or perhaps she didn’t. The bottom line it was all played out for the public. Was it just an episode of someone just taking out their anger during a frustrating situation as a result of an ex-husband not allowing her to see her kids? If it was just an episode, did she need a conservatorship, and if she did why did it last 13 years?

The narrative in the media at the time was that Britney had lost her mind and that she had a type of nervous breakdown or some psychological disturbance.  There was nobody coming out from her camp of people like her parents or manager or agent to explain what happened to her. She has just been whisked away in an ambulance after a standoff with police, where she apparently held her child hostage.

Being an active commentator in the media, I was called by CNN and other news outlets to give my take on Britney’s body language and psychological and emotional state. At the time, I assumed that she may have had some type of mental breakdown. I even gave the possible speculation that perhaps she might be suffering from bipolar disorder. While I had a great deal of background knowledge about psychology and body language, because we always saw her as a well-controlled bubbly person to now an out-of-control angry person, it was not surprising that people wanted to know all the possibilities that could have happened to her. The anger with her hitting the car with an umbrella may have gone unnoticed. But what we couldn’t ignore was her taking a shaver and shaving her head completely bald in front of the world.  

There was even speculation on Dr. Phil’s part about what happened to Britney. In fact, he actually went to Cedars Sinai hospital, where she was admitted under a 5150 mental health hold. He thought she might have suffered from bipolar disorder as well. He said  Britney’s mother has reached out to him but he never personally treated Bitney.

All of the media commentators continued to speculate on what was wrong with Britney. As we saw her emerge publicly later, on, she seemed like a shell of herself. That was true especially when she appeared in the Diane Sawyer interview. She seemed odd- giggling inappropriately and suddenly crying. She also exhibited some odd actions. 

When we saw her as a judge on America’s Got Talent and even in photos, she no longer seemed like the  Bitney we saw earlier in her life. Her eyes seemed lifeless- dead. They didn’t have the sparkle they once had.

And now we know why. It was shocking to hear. It was a nightmare of a story where she was treated like a slave, controlled by her bullying and aggressive father, and further abused by her passive-aggressive mother, who put her head in the sand and refused to help Britney. In fact, her mother was the one who instigated the conservatorship.

While Britney didn’t have any freedom and was working like a slave- doing show after show,  under the close scrutiny of her father, she saw no way out as her parents enjoyed all the spoils that Britney’s money created. While she was locked up and her every move was controlled and scrutinized, her parents were enjoying her beach house in Destin, Florida. They were spending her money and buying whatever they wanted. As Britney suffered, they flourished. Not one of her family members tried to help her or save her according to her youtube video. While she did show after show, she wasn’t allowed to enjoy the results of her hard work.

Thank heaven for the “Free Britney Movement” thank heaven for her lawyer, and also thank heaven for her now husband.  No matter what you think of him, the fact is that he stood by her and he has given her a sense of normalcy and fun and added to her healing process. Telling her the truth and releasing her anger and pain is also adding to her healing process. 

While many people say that there must still be something wrong with her because she is always posing nude or pulling down at her bikini bottoms and cupping her nude breasts, I believe that this is an expression of her newfound freedom. She is doing this because it is provocative and because she can. Media-wise she knows that sex sells so she wants the world to see her as sexy now that 13 years have passed. 

The fact that she didn’t go on Oprah or any other show to share her ordeal and instead made it available to the public is admirable. She didn’t want to get paid for expressing her truth. She wanted everyone to know, not just those who would watch it on Oprah or another show. 

Now that she is free from the clutches of her toxic family, we are seeing her happiness as she just went to #1 in multiple countries with her duet with Elton John. 

My wish for her is that she not only continues to showcase her talents at her will but that she continues to unplug from her Toxic family who did her wrong and that she finds happiness for the rest of her life.  

Here is a video of her complete interview on Youtube.

1 thought on “Britney Spears shares about her TOXIC FAMILY

  1. Holy s*** all I can say is wow and I totally understand how she feels no one can hurt you more than your own family and being betrayed by parents and siblings there is no greater pain that I’ve ever experienced


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