Harry’s walk of Shame during the Queen’s Funeral Procession

First and foremost,  the Queen’s funeral procession was beautiful with all its pomp and circumstances.  The music was astoundingly beautiful and made you feel the essence of the occasion. Charles looked Regal in his uniform as he subtly and conveniently used his sword as a walking stick for the long journey down the mall to the church. But two things that stuck out like a sore thumb were the two nonuniformed men in the procession walking behind the Queen’s coffin – Andrew and Harry.  It was clearly a walk of shame for the two men who prided themselves on their military background and were not allowed to dress in their uniforms.

 As they marched and the cameras focused on them,  I looked at Andrew with utter repulsion as I recalled his pedophilia with Epstein’s young girls and his blatant lies about his pedophilia on TV  when a photo of him and the young girl at the time was there for all to see, and not to mention his ridiculously saying how he has a condition where he doesn’t sweat yet there were photos of him all over the internet sweating.

Then  Harry was featured in the procession without his uniform and I became even more repulsed. The first thing that came to mind was what this man did to his granny in her last years and last days. He embarrassed a woman who spent her life protecting her dignity, the crown,  and avoiding controversy, at all costs.  He stubbornly turned down an invitation to be with her at Balmoral as her last gesture towards reconciliation. 

Then I recalled his Nazi uniform he donned for a Halloween costume. This can’t be attributed to his youth. He knew exactly what he was doing as there was no excuse for this. Even his father Charles was engaged by this. 

The next thing he did which was egregious was to injure his polo pony and still keep playing the game as the poor animal suffered with a bloody gash in his side. 

 While his drunken escapades and naked romps in Vegas could be attributed to his hell-raising youth, what is unforgivable is his allowing the talk of racism to go forward as revealed by Meghan, and not shutting it down or not telling who the alleged racist was who made comments about Archie’s skin color before he was born. It put fuel to the fire of an institution who already has enough negativity about racism nd oppression and colonization in African nations. His telling Oprah and the world that his father and brother were stuck in the royal family and weren’t happy and chose not to escape was appalling. Who was he to speak on their behalf? This was not only upsetting to Charles and William but to the Queen as well. In essence, he said so many things to besmirch the Royals. 

Then there are his annoying daily rants and complaints and trying to stick his nose in world events that have nothing to do with him. This is no doubt his PR company at work trying to keep him relevant but it is disturbing and makes people detest Harry even more. While he handed out bags of food to AIDS sufferers during the pandemic he hasn’t been involved with the charities since. He’s trying to live his mother’s legacy of warning everyone to get tested for AIDS was appalling. First of all, how can this uneducated not bright individual tell anyone to get tested for AIDS, especially if they are not at risk?  Then he moans on about setting up a program to protect children over the internet. It was a flop and no one listened. He is not an expert on the internet nor is he an expert on children. His kids aren’t even old enough to be on the internet, let alone be protected from it. 

What this ignorant man doesn’t realize is that when he was part of the royal working family his speeches were written for him for the charities for which he was a patron. They hung on to every word he said, But now his words mean nothing. No one cares. what he has to say. 

And then there are the Invictus Games. First of all, he didn’t do diligence and now a backpacking company is suing him for the trademark they used for decades and want the name Invictus taken off his games for the disabled. Now the games seem to be only a showcase for Meghan to be seen and strut around.

His constant whining is embarrassing. This is a privileged man who has no clue what it is like to be foodless and homeless or not have his medical needs met. 

His TMI with his mental health issues was embarrassing, especially showing his EMDR tapping on TV. That is so personal and not to be shared with anyone. It once again shows his poor judgment.

And then there is his playing cat and mouse with the public by not showing his two children. He had plenty of time to show his latest child to his grandmother,  the Queen, but chose her special Jubilee time to do it. She knew he was trying to use her for a photo op with the child and smartly refused to be a part of it. While you can say Meghan was the one who didn’t allow the child to see the grandmother earlier, it was still Harry’s grandmother and he needed to speak up and make it happen. 

 And now the timebomb will be exploded in November as the tell-all book of Harry will be released. While Charles and William attempted to make nice to diffuse what will be coming and in hopes of Harry not releasing the book, it is no longer up t him. It will come out as there is too much money involved to pull the book. The publishing company has invested millions on PR and lawyers and marketing and publication and there is no way they will not allow this opportunity go forward.  Harry doesn’t have the funds to pay it all back and if word got out that the new King was behind pulling the book, it would be a black mark against him.

Harry wanted to leave the working royals. He wanted privacy. he wanted to come to the US for a new life. The one thing he does not court is privacy as he peeps his head into world events on a daily basis.  He sees himself as some world do-gooder. He needs to do good for himself and keep quiet and worry about raising his kids and finding some meaningful job that will make him happy. He needs to sort out his mental issues and he first and foremost, needs to get out of the media and stop being a hypocrite. The problem is Meghan craves the limelight and as long as he is with her, he will always be a part of it. So Harry’s future will continue to be miserable unless he makes some significant changes.

The book will be the final nail in the coffin if it trashes any of the Royals which it will. Otherwise, why would the book company pay big dollars to not have salacious material?  So we can expect more Harry drama in the future.

1 thought on “Harry’s walk of Shame during the Queen’s Funeral Procession

  1. Incredible column by Dr. Glass, I’d say this is the DEFINITIVE narrative on Harry and Meghan relative to his spuring of his legacy/heritage to tend to his own self-absorbed woke lifestyle. I had much the same thought as I view pictures of Harry at one of the most visible of Royal occasions w/out his military uniform…he’s been RIGHTFULLY stripped of all honors that were previously afforded him….perhaps he’ll have some shred of thought about what he’s done aided and abetted by Meghan. I applaud Dr. G for so truthfully putting down all of the facts here along with her always brilliant insights.


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