Toxic People®Prince Andrews Walk of Shame

As they walked behind their mother, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, three of her children were decked out in their military regalia. But one of her children was dressed in a mourning suit- Prince Andrew. Stripped of his royal duties, he was forbidden to wear the uniform that his bothers and sister wore to pay their respects to their mother

As Andrew stuck out like a sore thumb, it became perfectly clear to those who watched the procession why he was dressed differently. It was as though he was wearing a scarlet letter. His egregious behavior with an underage girl, his lying about it, and his deep association with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein made him a persona non-grata in the Royal family as well as a personal non-grata with his charities and in the world.

One man in the crowd of mourners who were watching the procession made his sentiments known as he yelled out as Andrew passed by “You’re. a sick man”. While you could hear other people in the crowd cheering in agreement. Suddenly the man was arrested for his outburst. While he may have been perfectly justified in his sentiments, this was neither the place nor the time to share them. It was all about the Queen being honored in her draped coffin for all to mourn. But even though the focus should have been on the Queen and the Queen alone, the ill feelings of many towards Andrew bubbled up.

During the procession, Andrew can be seen stepping out in front of the new King, his brother Charles and his sister Anne and his other brother Edward. This may have been done to show he was still important. It was an act of self-preservation on his part as a power move. But truth be told, he is completely devoid of power when it comes to the Royal family at this point.

It is such a shame that Andrew turned out the way he did because it was reported by so many that he was the Queen’s favorite. He was the one with whom she could easily converse and joke around with It was also reported throughout the years by many journalists that the Queen seemed to light up whenever he entered the room.

When the Queen was alive, she did not want to take away Andrew’s duties as a Royal and kick him out of the fold. It was Charles and William who convinced her that it was in the best interest of the Royal family’s image to do so. But the Queen’s love for her favorite son was much greater as we saw when he escorted his mother during the ceremony honoring his late father Prince Phillip. As Charles becomes more and more comfortable with his role as King, Andrew will have no role in public as far as the Royals are concerned. He is taking his long-awaited role so seriously that there will be no room for public humiliation and animosity towards the Royals as exhibited during the funeral procession. Thus one can easily assume that Andrew will not be seen again when it comes to Royal functions.

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