Toxic People®- Hatred Towards The Dead

While millions around the world mourned Queen Elizabeth’s death, there were many who did not. In fact, they rejoiced at her death. She was not even dead more than an hour when a slew of writers from some of the world’s most prominent publications expressed their most virulent hatred towards her. One writer promised to ” dance on her grave” while another, Uju Anya, Carnegie Melon University professor, wished her an ” excruciating death”, a tweet that garnered 800 signatures to get her fired. But Carnegie Melon is standing behind her 100% as they are stating that it is free speech and she can say whatever she wants to say.

Tirhakah Love, senior newsletter writer for New York Magazine tweeted “For 96 years, that colonizer has been sucking up the Earth’s resources.” Another journalist, Eugene Scott of The Washington Post, also offered his opinions, asking when it would be a good time to talk about the colonialism under the queen. And Imani Gandy, a legal analyst at Rewire News, tweeted out a video of a group of men tap-dancing outside Buckingham Palace to the song “Another One Bites The Dust”.

While such hatred towards someone who has just died may be shocking to most, it is not unusual. Just because a person has died, it doesn’t make you hate them less especially, if you feel they have done you wrong in any way.

In fact, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos seemed to sum it up well when he tweeted ‘You can’t be a literal oppressor and not expect the people you’ve oppressed not to rejoice on news of your death.”

If someone in your life has been considerably Toxic to you, most of us cannot immediately throw all the bad memories of what they did to us out the window and mourn their death with sadness. In fact, for some, it may be a relief or a joyous occasion that the person is no longer on this earth to torment them.

One such example is with a young starlit named Jennette McCurdy who starred in a child show called iCarley. According to her, her mother made her life a living hell by verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusing her all of her life. It was so bad that after her mother died, Jennette wrote a book called “I’m Glad My Mom Died”.

If someone in your life has bullied you, abused you in any way, tormented you, cheated on you, stolen from you, told lies about you, got you fired, accused you of something you never did, you cannot be expected to feel sadness for their death. For many, it is a vicarious thrill that they are dead.

When Nazi Adolf Eichman, the organizer of the Jewish final solution, where he orchestrated 6 million Jews to die, was executed via hanging for all to see, there was not one Holocaust survivor or their relatives who did not rejoice. It was a thrill for them, a healing of sorts to witness his karmic justice.

Think of people in your own life who did seriously wrong things to you. It may have been to the point that it altered your life, damaged you psychologically, or even caused you to lose a loved one, your health, or your finances, destroyed your relatives or your people. How would you feel if they were no longer on this earth?

While there are those who can forgive, there are others who can never forgive and who would rejoice. While I am personally saddened by Queen Elizabeth’s death and may not agree with such vile sentiments being delivered, it became evident that there is clearly, another side.

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