Toxic People- Toxic Cancellers

Where are the days when you can speak your truth or speak your mind? Where are the days that you can disagree with someone and not be penalized? Where are the days where you can say what you want and not be thrown off a platform? What happed to the times where someone says something rude to you and you respond in kind and you are the one who gets banished from never again being allowed to share a comment on a platform? What happened to the times when two friends could disagree and still remain friends? What happened to the familiar statement” We will just have to agree to disagree”?

What happened to families when family members have disowned other family members just because they don’t share the same political or societal views? Where is the decency and humanity of not tending to someone who is severely ill or worse not coming to their funeral just because they were on the opposite political side? Unfortunately this has happened all too often.

It was only a few years ago that you could disagree with someone and still love them. You would shrug off their diverse opinion as “just being who they are”. You might have even laughed about it. But now pure hatred emerges. Now if your neighbors share a difference of view, you won’t even speak to them. You won’t go to a doctor who thinks differently, date or marry someone who is different thinking, and boycott a film or a performance by an actor or actress because you find so offensive just because they don’t agree with your views. 

Yet the hypocrisy of it is that in society today, we are forced to accept one another no matter what the person’s race, religion, culture, or sexual orientation is, no matter how different it is from ours. If a person happens to lash out at someone who may be displaying bad behavior, then they are deemed racist and ironically canceled for being a racist when they are and never were a racist.

While we rightfully so, insist on never discriminating against a person because of their race, religious beliefs, or even disabilities, why is it that we so easily discriminate and even cancel anyone who differs from us in terms of their political beliefs, whether they believe in a particular medication, vaccine, or treatment for what ails them?  Should these people be canceled or shall we accept them as they are and say ” We will just have to agree to disagree.” 

What these cancellers also don’t realize, is that people’s values and views can change over time. The more information one learns about something, the more we open our minds. But our hearts toward one another should always be open. 

So here you may have thrown someone out of your life for not believing as you believe. But then they come around and ironically now believe exactly as you believe. But now your friendship or familyship is over. There is nothing sadder than this. 

It is toxic people who don’t leave others alone to be themselves and believe as they choose. Even if they aren’t like-minded, they can still be a wonderful and nurturing part of your life. To have a friend you have known for decades and to kick them out of your life like a dead raccoon on the road is not only devastatingly hurtful. It is unconscionable. To get fired from a job or ostracized from others because of how you are now labeled ,based on your preferences is also unconscionable.

As my brilliant late mother, Rosalee Glass who almost lived to 103 years of age used to say. “Live and let live”. By that she meant, You live how you want to live. And you let others live how they want to live.” 

Therefore, only people that need to be canceled are the cancellers. 

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