Toxic Britney Drama With Sons

It is not as if Britney didn’t have enough drama and toxicity in her life with her conservatorship over the past 13 years, her issues with her parents, and sister, dealing with an ex who stalked her during her wedding, and now, she has issues with her sons.

It seemed inevitable that these issues with her sons would arise during the 13 years when she could not be a parent who could freely manage and care for her sons. Son Sean Preston was 3 and Jayden was 2 years old when they were essentially given to their father to raise. As children, they apparently began to cry when they were taken to Britney’s house for visitation. as they no doubt felt the abandonment. This information is according to a bodyguard to transport the kids from Kevin’s house to Britney’s house. There is no doubt that this separation from their mother traumatized them. They could no doubt feel the tension and the upset that was going on around Britney. While they may not have understood exactly what was happening due to their young ages, they did know that something wasn’t right.

As they got older, they didn’t respect her and didn’t do what she wanted them to do. In fact, Britney recently released a video where she demanded that the sons respect her. It certainly This no doubt further alienated her sons.

During a recent interview that her husband Kevin and son Jaden James gave to the Daily Mail and ITV in an interview with journalist Stephanie Barak, it was apparent that the sons had not seen her in quite a while. There appeared to be a lot of hurt in the tone when Jayden, the youngest spoke of his mother. While Jaydon was all smiles during the photo session and interview, Sean Preston was nowhere to be found. There was one photo of him not smiling with his disheveled hair covering his face. It was obvious he didn’t want to be there. Now it has come out via Jayden, that his mother didn’t treat Sean Preston very well. In fact, Jayden revealed that Britney didn’t give his older brother equal attention. This now explains why Sean Preston has been absent from the interviews.

When Jayden reveals his truth, Britney claps back in passive-aggressive anger. When the boy questioned her mental health, she responded as immaturely as a retorting jr high schooler. She wrote that before her son makes any comments about her intellect or mental health, he needs to learn how to read.

WOW! Now she is continuing her attack on her sons on social media. This does NOT reflect a healthy mental state. It reflects a lack of discernment and serious poor judgment. These are still children- her children. They are not trolls. She sarcastically refers to them as “my dear children” in her missive. Her public response to them will only further alienate and damage their relationship. It will further delay their seeing her.

Through her response, we are now seeing another side of Britney. We are seeing that she may not be as mentally healthy as we were led to believe. Her continuous showing off her naked body may also be indicative of some issues.

Initially, I thought there was nothing wrong with her showing off her body, now that she was free from her conservatorship. It was a sense of her doing what she wanted with no restrictions. As she is in the public eye and 40 years old, she still wanted to show that she “still had it” as far as her sexiness was concerned. I understand this from a marketing point of view. But in my view, it has become a bit too much. There is rarely a photo of her now without a provocative sexual pose. She goes topless and hides her nipples with her hands or hair. She also pulls down her bikini bottoms, revealing much of her pelvic area. To me, it’s a bit too much. She made her point. Every photo of this nature now reflects a great deal about her psyche.

It has also proven to be too much to take for her sons. They don’t want to see their mother parading around almost nude. Jayden even reported that she is just seeking attention. Actually, it would be difficult for any teen to see their mother this way, let alone their having to see this on a consistent basis.

Britney and her sons are in desperate need of family therapy. They need to be able to express their hurt towards their mother in a safe environment. She needs to communicate with them in a safe environment. Doing this exchange over social media is not acceptable. It leads to additional miscommunication and embarrassment and discomfort on the boy’s side. She is further delaying any meaningful interaction. by deciding to take her issues public.

I hope that Britney has some advisers in her camp who can guide her. She clearly needs guidance in this situation.

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