Toxic People: “Blond” Toxic Presentation of Marilyn Monroe

I just watched “Blond” about Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas has been slammed in the media but it is not her fault. She did a very good job under the circumstances. It’s actually the writer of the script and the director’s choices that seem to be upsetting to so many. But because Ana is out front and center she’s the one that is getting so much public negativity. It’s also hard to watch anyone portray Marilyn Monroe because we are so familiar with this icon. So it’s hard for anyone to do her justice.

The film was hard to watch and Andrew Dominik the director is who made it hard to watch. In my view, it was sadistic and very disturbing as it loosely recreates the many heartbreaks and tragedies of Marilyn Monroe’s life and career, from her abusive mother to various sexual assaults in Hollywood.

The main issue with the film that makes it so toxic and difficult to watch to the degree that the film caused so much outrage is because of its non-stop harassment, exploitation, and traumatization of Monroe. It doesn’t et up for a moment. It’s hard for the viewer to take a breath to digest what they just saw. Instead, it is a marathon of scenes that are difficult to process, let alone watch.

One has to wonder about the psyche of the director Andrew Dominik as it reflects so much. Is he that misogynistic, insensitive, unaware, or sadistic to make such a film. And what was going on with the studio to allow this. Did they think that the shocking scenes would produce a buzz that would draw an audience? if so they failed miserably.

2 thoughts on “Toxic People: “Blond” Toxic Presentation of Marilyn Monroe

  1. I totally agree.


  2. I just watched it also. It’s suppose to be a surreal dream-like fantasy for Marilyn …. I thought that the film was fine . Men always took advantage of her ….. she was so mentally unstable and so alone …… my question : were the 2 young men who looked alike were real or imaginary ? Was that a fantasy in her mind ?


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