Toxic People- When Lying Is Severe and Constant like George Santos’ Lies

We al lie. Infants lie as studies have shown when it comes to their crying behavior and they want attention. Toddlers lie mostly (to stay out of trouble and to assert some control and independence). Animals lie to get what they want and to protect themselves ( ie. squid, chimpanzees, gorillas, dogs). Teens lie to avoid getting in trouble and to impress others. And of course, adults lie. They lie for various reasons such as:

protecting themselves

protecting others

to make others feel good

controlling others

gaining attention

impressing others

While most adults lie, they don’t lie all the time. Most of their communication is truth peppered with a few lies here and there. The problem is when their lies become their standard way of communicating. Most of us expect politicians to lie since we have seen it so often. They often say or claim one thing and do the other. They often lie to appeal to both sides to make them happy and to appease them. But oftentimes it backfires, causing severe upset and distrust.
When you watch a press conference by any of the press secretaries on either side you can see countless signals of lying and deception, especially if they don’t want to answer. question. Usually, these lies are about a policy of some sort.

Unfortunately, we have come to expect this. But what happens when a politician constantly lies about who they are? What happens when their lies are severe?

This seems to be the case with newly elected congressman Santos. Since being elected, he has been caught in a web of lies. Among his most controversial lie was that he said he was Jewish in order to get elected in a predominantly Jewish district in Long Island, NY. When caught in his lie he said he identified with Jews and is Jew ish as he made quote gestures with his fingers when he tried to explain this on television. Jewish people were up in arms when he lied about his faith and background.

People don’t like it when you lie about your ethnicity. In fact, they vehemently reject it, Look at what happened to Rachel Dozeal who fooled the world to the degree she got a position at a Black university and a prestigious job with the NAACP. She even claimed Black parentage when in fact they were both whites. She may have identified with Black people but her ruse went too far for most people as she even looked like a “high yellow” Black person She darkened her skin and wore intricate braids Her life was ruined when her li was discovered.

George Santos has not only claimed her was Jewish but has claimed he is half Black when he is not. He claimed he attended a prestigious NY prep school when he did not attend the school Now the most egregious lie has surfaced- that his mother died in 9 11.

With so many lies we are starting to see that his lying is pathological and that he cannot be trusted with anything- especially with representing constituents. When someone lies that many times about who they are and where they came from and what happened to their family it’s time to cut the cord in my view and get rid of the person from serving in a leadership position.

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