Toxic People- Whoppie Goldberg’s Apology about Holocaust Not An Apology

When someone apologizes to you and says they are sorry for what they have done and tell you what they have done, that is an apology. But when someone apologizes by saying they are sorry for making you feel a certain way that is not an apology.

In her false apology, Whoppie says  “It was never my intention to appear as if I was doubling down on hurtful comments, especially after talking with and hearing people like rabbis and old and new friends weighing in.”

She says she’s still learning — but confirms, “I believe that the Holocaust was about race, and I am still as sorry now as I was then that I upset, hurt, and angered people.”

So in essence there was no apology as she still stands by her conviction that the Holocaust was about race. What this ignorant woman doesn’t realize is that she would have been the first one flung into an oven and suffocated with Zyklon gas simply because of her race. Hitler hates Jews, gypsies, Jehova Witnesses, and Blacks. He hated all minorities in his quest to get rid of them ad form the perfect race in his sick mind- the Aryan race.

Whoppie was previously suspended on the View for her comments about the Holocaust. And now she has started up again. This time instead of being suspended, Whoppie needs to be fired and taken off the air in my view. People have been fired for saying much less. These days with so much hatred in the world, the last thing that is needed is someone like Whoppie to stir up more hatred.

When it comes to the Holocaust, Whoppie needs to stay in her lane. This is a very sensitive topic when it comes to Jews. Even though she has adopted a Jewish last name for the purpose of show business, Karen Johnson is not Jewish and doesn’t feel the emotional pain of what the Holocaust conjures up and represents. She was suspended once from ABC for this Holocaust rhetoric and now it’s time she is fired.

3 thoughts on “Toxic People- Whoppie Goldberg’s Apology about Holocaust Not An Apology

  1. Lillian Glass:
    In reading two of your articles, One on the Duchess of Sussex and the other on Whoopi Goldberg, I’d expect a more professional approach to your own views. Calling someone ignorant or narcissistic is a far stretch from a stand where you – respectfully – disagree with someone’s behavior or beliefs. It is unkind of you to do so.

    It makes me question your views as you slander Meghan as you do Whoopi. Even when placing others under your personal scrutiny, remaining respectful of their humanity and dignity not only places you apart from others that are doing the same, flooding the internet with spite and hate, but lands you in a place of public high regards and appreciation. I’ve only now come to learn who you are, yet am appalled at how you express yourself about other women (or simply others, for that matter).

    I would expect more from someone who has chosen the professional path you have, and is noted to have expertise on interpersonal communications, in addition to being a writer of self help books. Really??

    To quote Dr. Seuss: “In a world where you can be anything, be KIND”.


    1. Dear Gael
      Thank you for reaching out but I have to say that stand behind what I said regarding Whoppi’s comments about the Holocaust as they are indeed ignorant. Having two parents who survived the Holocaust and an entire family on both sides that were lost in the Holocaust in a very tragic way, I stand behind my comment that Whoopi’s comments were indeed ignorant in my view. I speak the truth and that is very professional as I don’t hide behind inauthenticity. Whoppi needed to educate herself about the Holocaust before she spoke out and made such hurful comments.. From what I understand she subsequently did. I do not respectfully disagree with Whoopi’s comments as there is nothing respectful to what she said. She was called on for her ignorance and horrible comments and was even dismissed from the show for a period of time. This let her know clearly that her hurtful comments would not be tolerated. It doesn’t matter if Whoppi was a man, a woman, or any other gender I would still respond as I did. Once again that you for reaching out with your opinion and feedback. .


  2. Dr. Glass,

    Thank you for your reply. I also happen to disagree with some of Whoopi’s stands, as well as that of other public figures. My comment is made in the spirit that public additions of views we hold in relation to others are shared while refraining from derogatory labeling. Even when there may be some truth weighing in.

    On a side note, the historical account of your lineage has always interested me for more than a reason. I too am of Jewish descent. Your story is my story.


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