Toxic People- Meghan Markle Claims Racism For Being Referred to As A Narcissist

Meghan Markle, according to many well-respected psychiatrists across the country has shown clear signs of malignant narcissism. In fact, several have referred to her as having sociopathic tendencies. Recently there was an article which was written in Politico where she was listed as one of several other narcissists. These included Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, Elon Musk, and Kanye West. The fact that she was included in this list had nothing to do with the color of her skin. In fact, Kanye who clearly shows signals of malignant narcissism was on the list and he too is Black. Meghan’s being called out for being a narcissist has everything to do with her toxic behavior which has been seen by the world. Her recent documentary showed many signals of narcissism and a great deal of hypocrisy and multiple signals of deception, exaggeration, and embellishment of the truth. Everything she has done on the world stage seems to be about her and for her.

While her documentary was watched by many it was panned by most and considered a failure by those who watched it. Meghan showed herself up close and personal and much of that up close and personal showing was showcasing her narcissism in plain view.

Apparently, she has hired a new publicist who has decided to use the race card whenever there is something in the press about Meghan that is unflattering. That is ridiculous and is getting old. If the comments in the Daily Mail are any indication of how the public feels, 99.9% of the comments saw right through this ruse of racism.

Nobody who is calling out Meghan for being a narcissist is attacking Meghan Markle because of her race. And for her to use the race card, in this case, is appalling especially when there is indeed serious racism going on throughout the world and people are treated unfairly simply because of the color of their skin. Racism is when someone is shot and killed for being Black or any other race for that matter. It’s when they can’t find a job or raise up the ladder of success because of the color of their skin. It’s when they can’t find adequate housing and are denied any privilege because of their race. This does not apply to Meghan Markle. While she may or may not have experienced racism in the palace, she certainly is not experiencing it because people are calling out what they see- that she exhibits signs of narcisssism.

Meghan is not being treated unfairly. She is more privileged than any human being on this planet. She lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion. She has the privilege of doing documentaries and podcasts on top platforms. She has the privilege of hiring an expensive PR person to spin her PR the way she wants it. She has the privilege of showing up at events around the world and wearing beautiful gowns and out expensive outfits. Racism is certainly not holding her back from doing all of these things.

No one is thinking about her race except for her. But everyone is thinking about her narcissism. No matter how much her new PR agent tries to spin it, the fact is that the public is not blind and they certainly are not dumb. Everyone sees right through Meaghan’s narcissistic behavior.

It has nothing to do with race and to call Politico or anyone else a racist because they see right through Meagan is beyond toxic. Shame on Meghan’s publicist for doing this and shame on Meghan for claiming any criticism against her is racist. Doing this makes her even more unlikeable, more manipulative, and more narcissistic.

photo credit: Northern Ireland Office

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