Toxic Kanye West Has Gone Too Far with His Placing a Swastika inside the Star of David As His Ultimate Statement of Antisemitism

After Toxic Kanye West’s doubling down on his hatred for Jews and his love for Hitler when he appeared with a black zippered full-face mask that covered his entire face on the controversial bombastic Alex Jones show, where he was joined by Holocaust denier and incel Nick Fuentes, he now made his position even more evident as he issued his design of Jewish star with a Nazi swastika inside of it. His toxic symbol is the most egregious display of hate. It would be like someone putting a lynching rope in the center of a BLM symbol and telling everyone they need to love the lynchers. While Kanye has been known to do and say things for attention and effect, this action has stepped way over the line.

While Kanye claims that he loves everyone and wants to show his love for Jews and Nazis this display is clearly a symbol of hate. Anyone who could love Nazi-ism is full of hate, not love. There is no love for an organization that massacred so many people and continues to show hatred to this day. No Jew who is sensitive to the atrocities of WW2 would ever accept this as a symbol of love, especially from Kanye. Kanye has already admitted his hatred and antisemitism of Jews in the media and in show business so there is no backtracking here with empty verbiage of love.

While Kanye has been told by his mother and by others throughout the years that he is a genius, truth be told, he is nothing of the sort The reality is that he is an ignorant person who shows so many signs of a malignant narcissist. He was a lucky rapper given a break to make songs and given a lucky break in the fashion world. He was lucky to have an alliance with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and take advantage of all of the business opportunities and enter into her world.

He is no genius as I see it. His words are nothing more than those of a very hateful soul who is troubled from the core His depressive-sounding voice is filled with arrogance and self-importance. He suffers from delusions of grandeur as he actually believes he has a chance to be President of the US in 2024.

When he appeared on the Alex Jones show, Alex obnoxiously kissed up to Kanye which was toxic to witness. On. a subsequent show the next day Alex tried to make excuses for Kanye and defend Kanye’s use of the Nazi symbol as being an Asian symbol that was harmless. Well, no matter how Alex Jones tries to spin it, in this day and age in the world and in the context of Kanye, it is nothing more than a pure hate symbol.

When Kanye appeared on the Alex Jones show and stated that he loved Hitler, he showed how ignorant he is. Hitler was an all-time racist who murdered Jews gypsies, gays, Jehova Witnesses, and Blacks. Yes- Blacks! While there were not many Black people in the region, those who were captured by the Nazis were flung into concentration camps and gassed. With Kany’s big mouth and bullying personality, he would have been the first one to have been murdered. Now he is idealizing the Nazi regime. The Nazis would never have accepted Kanye in any way shape or form. While he may love Nazis, they in no way would have loved him.

While I am all for free speech, I am not for the speech of calling out “fire” in a crowded auditorium and causing a stampede when there is no fire. That is not what free speech means. Kanye knows exactly what he is doing and so does Elan Musk who just suspended him on Twitter once again.

At this point, all that Kanye seems to be doing is fomenting hate and furthering his message of anti-semitism. When you see signs on the LA freeway that read Kanye was right about the Jews, it validates the point that he is promoting and fomenting hatred.

I think that if Kanye continues with his Jews hating mission, he needs to be banned from all social media platforms so that no one need look at or hear his misguided thoughts and hatred. My only hope is that his kids are not influenced by his venomous hatred towards Jews so that yet another generation will be infected by hate.

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