Perhaps “Reinventing Rosalee” Film May Turn Jew-Hating, Nazi-Loving Kanye West Around “


It has now come out that during an interview with TMZ a few years back, Kanye gushed about how he loved Hitler and loved the Nazis. TMZ chose to cut this vital information out of their interview with Kanye. In fact, they neglected to report that he wanted to name his 2018 album “Hitler”. But now, the journalist who did the interview for TMZ tells all. In light of all of Kanye’s anti-Semitic rages and now his revealed love for Hitler and Nazis he is showing the world that he is not the genius that he thinks he is. In fact, he is completely ignorant.

What this Jew-hating monger doesn’t realize is that with his dark skin and features, he would be the first one flung into a gas chamber to choke and suffocate on Zyklon gas and would be one of the first ones to be flung into an oven if Hitler had his way. 

You see Hitler hated ALL minorities. That means he hated Jews, Gypsies, Jehova Witnesses, gays, the mentally and physically disabled, and Blacks.  

There were not a lot of Blacks in concentration camps, largely because they were one of the first ones shot and killed and thrown in graves by SS and Nazis. They were forcibly sterilized and used in medical experimentation. Hitler’s aim was to Aryanize Europe and make a pure race. There is no doubt that Kanye would have been subjected to these horrors. 

After the horrors of WW2, the motto of the Jews was NEVER AGAIN! These are not just words. They have significant meaning. That is why organizations and companies and all those who have done business with Kanye in the past have cut him off. Anyone who represents him or supports him will be equally banned as he is radioactive. 

His toxic Candace Owen cohort who supports him and made her own antisemitic comment by saying that you can’t say Jews anymore without people getting upset shows her ignorance as well. of course you can say Jews. Just don’t say pejorative rhetoric when you speak of Jews. It is the same for Blacks. The White Lives Matter they both donned was not only a publicity attention-getting stunt but spoke deeper as to their self-loathing. When they then stated that George Floyd wasn’t killed by the police officers, but offered up that it was fentanyl that killed him instead, it was shocking.

After producing and directing the film about police use of excessive force- De-Escalation, I can assure you that the officer’s knee on his neck cut off his airflow. I saw it from ALL angles and you can clearly see it in my film. if he took fentanyl it was the officer’s responsibility to help him not hinder him and cause his death. These comments reflect those of two self-hating blacks. 

Rolling Stone magazine stated that Kanye can’t ever come back from this. It is true. No matter how many mind games or PR stunts he pulls he plays with his Donda Academy being shut down one minute and open the next due to the clamoring of the students and parents, it is not working. The Simon Weisenthal Center offered him some lessons in the Holocaust and Judaism and Kanye blatantly and adamantly refused 

He then released a statement to powerful Hollywood player Ari Emanuel that he lost 2 billion in one day and he is not defined by his money. That is true, he is not defined by his hate towards Jews. And it is not just saying he hates Jews, he wanted to kill them and go “death con” on them. After watching 6 million Jews succumb to their deaths 80 years ago, there is no way that any Jew or anyone of human compassion would let that statement slide. Now it became a threat- a serious threat. It was as painful as hearing someone speak of lynching with regard to Blacks. 

Even his friend 50 cent says that there is no coming back for Kanye as he hit people personally. That is so true. It’s no longer about free speech, it is about inciting hate. Look at how his hate incited other antisemites to put up signs and banners over the freeway in Los Angeles reading “Kanye was right about Jews”. In my view, his discussion of “death to the Jews” has now become elevated to a hate crime as far as I see it. 

As someone who was professionally trained in psychology, I am not accepting his bipolar diagnosis as the sole reason for this hate. Whether he has bipolar or malignant narcissism or any other permutation of mental disease, his measured and deliberate hate rhetoric shows he is very much in control of his views and feelings. Even if he does have bipolar disorder or malignant narcissism, he may very well be those things in addition to being an antisemitic Jew-hater. 

The Simon Weisenthal Center has not succeeded in being able to teach Kanye about the Holocaust and Jews but perhaps my precious Rosalee Glass, the star of the award-winning film “Reinventing Rosalee’ can educate him. So I have sent a copy of the film for him to watch to his PR people and record company while he still has them. I will also send a copy to the Donda Academy in hopes that he receives it.

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