Toxic People – Beware of Toxic Gossipy Nannies and Employees

Show business couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis hired a nanny to take care of their two children. Apparently, while the nanny was employed, there was trouble in the couple’s relationship. Olivia ended up leaving the relationship and began seeing singer Harry Styles.

Following their split, they both pulled out their respective PR flacks in order to do damage control. This was extremely prudent since they were both defending themselves and protecting their respective high-visibility brands. They both wanted the public to know that all is well, that there were both concerned with the best welfare of their children, and that they were still civil to one another.

When you are a performer and producer and director it is essential that your name and your brand doesn’t get messy as you don’t want to alienate people with scandal and unseemly behavior that would alienate a large portion of your audience.

But now a nanny has come forth to dispute what the two have said in the media and spilled the beans in microscopic details as to what was and is really going on between them.

After listening to the nanny’s interview as she appeared in shadow to disguise her identity, I was beyond shocked. I was not shocked about the details I heard about Olivia, Jason, and Harry but shocked that an employee or former employee was discussing their personal affairs which were absolutely none of her business. While nannies and those who work in close quarters, especially celebrities, it is not uncommon for them to witness extremely personal physical, and emotional situations. Unless they are subpoenaed in a court case as we saw in the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial they have no business gossiping and/or revealing anything about their employer- present or former.

This incredibly TOXIC nanny went on to share with the world Olivia’s bedding habits – who she slept with and when she slept with them as the nanny continued to pass judgment on Olivia and her intimate relationships and was extremely unflattering. Whether what she said was true or not, it was absolutely not the nanny’s place to reveal this information.

This is why everyone, especially those in the public eye always needs to have an NDA – a contract that states that there will be legal ramifications if the person reveals any information about them or their business dealings or their families. The Kardashians and Jenners definitely have such NDA contracts in place for anyone who comes in contact with them and rightfully so.

In Olivia Wilde’s and Jason Sudeikis’ case whether or not there was such an NDA this nanny’s revelations created a great deal of damage to Olivia’s brand. While I am not a lawyer, I think that the nanny needs to receive. a cease and desist and needs to be held financially accountable for her loose lips. Hopefully, any new employer will watch the video of her gossiping about her former employer and figure out who she is from her voice and profile, even though there was an attempt to disguise her by filming her in a shadow.

The bottom line is not only should you choose your workers carefully but make sure they sign an NDA agreement to help deter any loose lips causing damage to your reputation.

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