Toxic People: Kanye West Rebuked and Cancelled Due to His Toxic Words Towards Jews

There has been no question that Kanye West’s moves in the past were done to keep him in the public eye and to create a PR buzz about him. Hence his bizarre behavior coupled with his self-described bouts of mental illness. His recent strunt with White Lives Matter shirts, which he deemed as humorous, is indeed a personal affront to many who support the Black cause. While many believed that went too far, he has now gone even further by threatening Jews with death.

His exact comment was that he was going to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE. This comment is no longer a PR stunt. It is not humorous at all. In fact, his statement is a threat to all Jewish people. With the advent of the Holocaust, the most blighted time in history, Jewish people take such comments and threats very very seriously and will do everything possible to put a stop to this. His comment is so egregious to Jewish people as it is akin to anyone using the term “lynching” in the same sentence that pertains to Black people. Kanye of all people should now this.

With antisemitism at an all-time high around the world, even in our colleges and universities, this type of inflammatory rhetoric had no place. In my view, there is no excuse and no coming back for Kanye. Twitter and Instagram locked out his accounts and in my view need to keep him locked out of these accounts anf others forever. This is no longer a first amendment right of free speech. This is hate speech. When you use the words Jews and death and what you are gonna do to this group in the same sentence, it is no longer a joke. It is very serious.

Kanye needs to be locked out of everything and lose his voice as his voice is nothing but Toxic. No PR spin can rectify his words. In my view, he needs to be silenced forever in the media- any form of media. With a first amendment right comes responsibility. This means you cannot yell fire in a crowded theatre when there is no fire and claim it as free speech. That is exactly what he did with his comment.

His ridiculous comment of saying he can’t be anti-semitic because he’s Black is disturbing. In fact, his hateful antisemitic comment about the death of the Jews was so disturbing that the Antidefamation League openly condemned his comments. So many celebrities both Jewish and non-Jewish condemned him.

His comment is not going to be tolerated or welcomed by an industry that is predominantly Jewish. This leads me to believe that not only is Kanye highly mentally disturbed as we all know of his publicly described mental issues, but he is also dangerous. He has gone far beyond irritating and upsetting people by his behavior he has now incited hate in an already fragile world, especially when it comes to Jews.

While I have not sat down with Kanye to analyze his mental condition, we can all see traits of a malignant narcissist with most likely borderline personality traits . We can see how he cannot get along with anyone and constantly burns bridges and trashes so many with whom he does business like shoe and fashion companies who have joined forces with him. If someone disagrees with him he full-out trashes them publically with below-the-belt comments like he did with several celebrities recently. His holding a mock funeral for ex-wife Kim Kardashians and then-boyfriend Pete Davidson clearly showed his psychopathology. He has even taken a page out of the Donald Trump playbook of assigning degrading and embarrassing monikers to those who oppose him like he has don’t to model Gigi Haddad whom he called a zombie and Hailey Bieber whose nose job he called out.

But now he has gone way too far and made his name-calling seem like petty child’s play. His mental disease can no longer be used as an excuse or a mea culpa. h=He can not enroll in a rehab program to make this go away. There is no rehab for antisemitism and Jew-hating. He has incited hate and he has lost and will continue to lose. All of his so-called “genius” is now negated. So nothing he does from now on matters. His statement cannot be misconstrued as an accident or something he didn’t mean to say. He meant every last hateful word of it. He didn’t simply make a comment that was a nasty feeling he had about Jews. Instead, he took it to the next step, invoking death.

There is a saying that “hate consumes the hater.” This is clearly the case with Kanye West. His hate has now consumed him- his career and anything Kanye. he may have had lofty ideas of the grandeur of running for President someday. But after his horribly hateful statement, those dreams are dashed forever. There is no coming back from what I deem is Kanye’s last act. There no PR agency or no Rehab program that will save him. He committed a huge sin not only in the Hollywood community but in the world. The only death his words have created is the death of his career and his image as he will be canceled forever by so many- including me.

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