Toxic People – Beware of Toxic Day Care Workers

When I saw the video of the daycare worker scaring innocent toddlers who were eating their lunch and saw their terrified faces and heard their screams, I got physically sick to my stomach and felt like throwing up for a number of reasons. This was pure sadism and emotional and mental abuse. It’s not just that these little 3-year-olds were traumatized for a moment, their trauma will last a lifetime- with or without therapy.

Had the daycare worker taken off the mask to show it was her underneath the mask and showed that this was part of Halloween where people wear scary masks, it would have been one thing. But she merely ran out of the room after she continued to harass and scare even more children.

She pursued a screaming toddler while the other toddlers wail and shriek. The employee Lil’ Blessing Childcare in Hamilton, Mississippi was Cee Cee. They haven’t released her last name yet but I am sure as the lawsuits come we will know her true identity I am sure she is not the only one involved in this atrosity. There was someone else there who was filming it and allowed this to happen and there was someone in charge who knew all the activities that would be done with the children. Thankfully this real-life monster was fired and all of her colleagues need to be fired as well.

In my view, it is not enough. She and the others need to be put in jail for torturing those babies. The childcare facility needs to be sued along with all the other teachers and it needs to be shut down forever. None of thee teachers should ever be allowed to work with children again.

This child torturer claimed she was not a child abuser in a 19-minute video she posted on Facebook where she claimed the toddlers were bad because they wouldn’t clean up and do their work. She said they reacted as they did because they were children, which is ridiculous. They were children who were emotionally abused and that is why they reacted as they did. This Cece took no accountability.

Seeing what she did to these children triggered me. I too had a horrible and sadistic nursery school teacher named Miss Margie. Among other things like sticking soap down children’s throats and trying to waterboard them under the drinking fountain, she would beat all the children with a spatula if they wouldn’t go to sleep during nap time.

My parents noticed the welts from Miss Margie’s spatula that she inflicted on my thighs and legs and they immediately ran over to the school. I don’t know what exactly happened because I wasn’t there to witness it, but I can assure you that it was definitely not pleasant for Miss Margie who may have received a taste of her own medicine from my parents. They would not stand for what she did and gave her the hell she deserved. Back then there was no suing anyone or going to the police. You just took matters into your own hands which I am sure my awesome Abraham and Roaslee did. Thank goodness they got me out of that hell.

What Miss Margie did, tormented me for years, all the way into my adulthood. So 50 years later on a trip to Miami, I made with Rosalee, we decided to stop by Terry’s Day Nursery to confront Miss Margie about her toxic behavior in order for us to get some closure. Fortunately, Miss Margie had died a year earlier and the nursery was sold to another woman whom we met. While we were at the nursery, we met a woman who worked there all these decades and confirmed how horrible Miss Margie was and how abusively she treated the children for decades. I don’t know what I would have done had I seen Miss Margie all these decades later because what she did to me and to others was unforgivable. She needed to be sued and to be put in jail for what she did to those children even if it was decades later.

Just like what this CeeCee did to these children, Miss Margie’s actions were unforgivable. After half a decade, I was still tormented by what happened by what Miss Margie did to scar my psyche. So I know for sure that these literal babies, who were the same age as I was at the time, may suffer the same trauma from the memories of what Ms. CeeCee did to them. That is why I believe they need immediate therapy to help them deal with this trauma they experienced.

I hope that these parents not only sue the school and the teachers, but sue for enough money for a lifetime of therapy for each of the children she harmed. Unfortunately, through this incident, these little children have now learned that adults cannot be fully trusted. They also learned that no one can help them when they are terrified and that there are severe and scary consequences for not cleaning up or doing your work. This traumatic imprinting may have serious consequences for the rest of their lives in shaping who they will be when they grow up. Hopefully, they have loving and supporting parents like I did to help ameliorate their internal trauma.

On a positive note, something that helped heal me after all those years was seeing a group of little 3-year-old at this same nursery, surrounding and hugging our sweet and precious Rosalee. It brought happy tears to my eyes as I saw and felt the love these little ones gave to Rosalee and the love she in turn gave to each of her little fans.

I hope and pray that these little 3-year-olds who were tortured by Miss CeeCee will get lots of hugs and lots of love from their families and friends to help them heal.

The moral of this story is that if you are a parent, grandparent, or any family member, carefully monitor who is caring for your little child. Nursery schools and kindergartens are not always safe place as we have just seen.

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